What We Do

Welcome to stardewata.com . This is the place where you need for repair, maintenance and update your laptop komputer. we provide various spare part, stock of laptop and make-up yours, start explore!

If you need :
– Repair your laptop
– Know what happened on your laptop
– Laptop parts
– Laptop repairs support
– Share experiences here
– Change parts with member
– Member Discount laptop parts & repairs
– Laptop service, repairs business support
– Conmonly problems. General knowledge for laptop

Stardewata Notebook Service Centre is a convenient laptop repair and notebook repair service shop at Denpasar Bali – Indonesia , provides comprehensive diagnosis and repair coverage of notebook or laptop repair problems ranging from malfunctioning laptop LCD, inverter, and display assemblies to system board, CPU and hard drive replacements to CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD and keyboard replacements.

Simply sign out of the current id as shown in step 1 and 2, followed by downloading any app and providing the original apple id when prompted to

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