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Acer Aspire S3-951 Ultrabook The first wave of Intel-inspired Ultrabook laptops meant to challenge the MacBook Air then the Aspire S3 is hands down the better choice as it is priced at $900 versus the 13-inch MacBook Air’s $1,300. Called ultrabooks, these devices are thinner, sleeker and lighter than the typical laptop, yet they offer a long battery life and a full set of features. Independent observers aren’t so sure. “The ultrabooks will be popular, but that’s very optimistic Both Ars Technica and AnandTech have just published reviews of Dell’s new XPS 13 ultrabook and they both came away 13 has insanely good battery life that bests the MacBook Air and every other laptop on the market in terms of both light and heavy Despite the funky product name, Patriot’s 1.35v Memory for Ultrabook RAM delivered and in a big way. In our initial testing, we observed a 17 minute increase to battery life just by replacing our OEM Samsung 4GB SODIMM with a Patriot Memory for Ultrabook but the Celeron and Pentium parts run at a higher TDP (6W versus 2W for the Atoms), which lets them run at higher speeds for longer. They also support technologies like SATA, which makes them better suited for use in low-end desktops and laptops than their It’s super thin, extremely light and it has an improved QHD+ 3200 x 1800 display with better yellow rendition than the Yoga 2 Pro. And of course it has that 360 degree swivel hinge that allows for use in tablet, tabletop and laptop positions. The 2015 Dell .

$1000 is an expensive entry fee for playing Portal 2 on the bus, so as soon as I could pry the Surface Pro from the other editors’ hands, I put it through a battery of real-world gaming tests. Ultrabook-caliber specs suggest Surface Pro might have potential. Windows laptops are cool again and web browsing is fair game. HP’s Spectre x360 isn’t trumpeting anything new. It’s merely taking what exists and giving it a premium finish. The race to be the most powerful ultrabook is more or less over. In addition to getting Ivy Bridge processors, the laptop steps up from X1 (3 pounds and 0.71 inches versus 3.7 pounds and 0.84 inches). And if the name isn’t a giveaway, Lenovo crafted this Ultrabook with a carbon fiber shell. The company is marketing The processors inside can also be vastly different: fast ultrabook-level Intel If it looks like a laptop, and then you can swivel something around and make it more like a tablet, it’s a convertible. The key difference between this and a hybrid is .

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