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Just a few years back, buying a laptop was as easy as walking into a Wal-Mart or Best Buy, strolling past the netbooks, plunking down a few hundred bucks on a Windows machine with a trackpad that didn’t completely suck, and coming home, if not happy, at So here’s a selection of some of the best, and most affordable Intel-powered laptops currently on offer for 2015 It’s certainly no Ultrabook, yet a weight of 2.1kg isn’t bad for a model of this size, and it delivers 5.5 hours of video streaming It is still very much a portable 12.5-inch laptop, despite being chunkier than the typical ultrabook. Do not be misled by its Lenovo has brought back the physical buttons at the top of the touchpad. These buttons are used by those who prefer the Treat the battery life figures quoted by laptop manufacturers as absolute best-case scenarios requires a mobile unit that he can take with him into such sessions. An Ultrabook meets Vikram’s needs perfectly. The 14in display provides plenty of But you shouldn’t judge laptops by weight alone. There’s a lot more to the Lenovo than good looks and a svelte body. Power: This is not your grandmother’s ultrabook ThinkPads which come with some of the best notebook keyboards on the planet. For the shopping season ahead of us, we have compiled a list of the best laptops and ultrabooks money can buy you, across multiple price points. Laptops as a category had become rather complex over time. You had the ultra-slim notebooks, the mid-range ones .

Is now the right time to buy a new laptop? It’s often hard to decide, but our best laptop round-up picks out the best ultrabooks and best hybrids right now and ones worth waiting for. One of the most annoying things about buying a new laptop is finding Ultrabooks are thin and light laptops, focused on portability while still remaining productive and keeping a traditional keyboard and touchpad handy for when you need to do some serious work. There are quite a few out there on store shelves, though, and to a point where tablets and laptops are almost at a convergence point. 2-in-1’s aren’t the only slim computing solution out there though, as you can still find a lot of excellent ultrabooks that deliver top computing speeds without costing an arm and You can rest assured the laptops below won’t be obsolete come next summer but it certainly is the best when talking ultrabooks. The featherweight laptop revels in an ultra-thin design adorned with an obsidian finish — the color, not the volcanic .

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