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The buzzword in laptops for 2012 is Ultrabooks. Why? They have a lot of appeal for shoppers who are looking for a machine that’s thin, light and responsive. By Intel’s definition, Ultrabooks weigh less than 4 pounds and measure 0.8 inches thick or less. AMERICAN PC MAKER Dell unveiled its latest lineup of Latitude business laptops and ultrabooks on Tuesday, showing off an entry level 3000, a “task working” 5000, and a 7000 ultrabook for what it called a “mixed product environment”. Powered by Intel fourth At the gadget industry’s annual crystal-ball convention, laptops look more like products of Aston Martin than Fisher-Price. With sales of budget laptops plummeting, computer makers are swinging the pendulum toward sleeker, metallic and pricier portable PCs Selling my gaming rig in a bit, I’m looking for something pretty thin and able to do casual steam gaming (such as CS:GO & Dota 2). I’m not really looking for something to play newer titles. I’m a college student and building another rig isn’t particularly The new touch-friendly Windows 8 makes it possible for manufacturers to introduce new form factors and designs for notebooks and tablets, most of which fall into the Ultrabook Convertible category. Some Windows 8 notebooks feature touchscreens, but look You’re absolutely right—the hot term in the laptop market right now is “ultrabook.” The term is part marketing hype, and partially descriptive of a new generation of thin, light, powerful, and design-focused laptops. Whether you should buy one and .

Toshiba announced the availability of 3rd generation Intel Core (Ivy Bridge) processors in its traditional business laptop lines, including a new 13-inch Portege Ultrabook. Toshiba today announced the availability of third-generation Intel Core (Ivy Bridge For the shopping season ahead of us, we have compiled a list of the best laptops and ultrabooks money can buy you, across multiple price points. Laptops as a category had become rather complex over time. You had the ultra-slim notebooks, the mid-range ones That’s where the new Latitude 7000 series comes in. Available in 12- and 14-inch screen sizes (the E7240 and E7440), it features a carbon fiber lid similar to what you’ll find throughout the XPS line, except here, you’ll also get TPM, Intel vPro processors Toshiba doesn’t tend to release the flashiest or fanciest products around, but lately, its been on a hot streak. In April, it unveiled three new Excite tablets, each with a simple, elegant design and one with an abnormally large form factor. We’re not .

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