Toshiba Vs Dell Vs HP Laptops


Toshiba, Dell and HP are some of the best brands in the world when it comes to laptops. They offer great value for your money and excellent performance to boot. Here is a quick comparison in several categories between these three laptop giants.

Price: In this category, HP and Dell are neck in neck in competitiveness. Although both brands offer great value for your money, Dell seems to be a little cheaper in its overall price. Toshiba is a little more expensive than these two brands probably due to its extensive R&D. Among these three brands, Dell laptops are the cheapest where they also offer a high level of customization.

Durability: As someone who has used all three brands before, Toshiba is the clear winner in this category. There is something about Toshiba laptops that not only makes it last really long but also last long flawlessly. My oldest Toshiba machine is about 6 years old and I don’t remember the last time I have ever had the need to send it back to the service center. Among these three brands HP would come in second while Dell is in a close third (from my years of collecting customer feedback).

Features & Performance:HP is the winner of this category. Probably due to the fact that HP tries to create entertainment-centric laptops, their machines sometimes comes with an extraordinarily amount of bells and whistles. Toshiba comes in second where it strives to offer the latest essential features in its laptop. What Dell laptops lack in extra features is made up by their amazing customer service. Dell is known for providing one of the best services around.

Overall:All these three laptop brands have strengths that will cater for many niches of the market. Consumers who are looking for a laptop that would last for long time with solid performance should look no further than a Toshiba laptop. Those who are on a budget and appreciate good service should get Dell laptop. Those who love a feature-filled and well-priced laptop should consider a HP machine.


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