Toshiba Laptop Problems – 6 Simple Steps to Get Your Laptop Working Again

OK, so you turn on your laptop as normal just like any other day and you are met with a black screen and nothing else, you have now joined the merry club of people with Toshiba laptop problems!

Do not fear though as i am about to give you 6 simple steps that will relieve you of your booting up toshiba laptop problems for good.


Step no. 1. Make sure that your laptop is turned off then go ahead and remove the power cord along with every other cable that may be connected.

Step no. 2. Then take out the battery and insert the power cable back in to the laptop.

Step no. 3. Now turn the laptop back on and if given the option choose to start windows normally.

Step no. 4. Now you have to go to Control Panel –> (Mobile PC) –> Power Options –> Under Balanced, now select “change plan settings”, then “change advanced power settings”.

Step no. 5. Look out for processor power management and change the minimum processor state from 5% to 100% for both PLUGGED IN and ON BATTERY then click apply and then OK.

And the final step 6 is to shut down your laptop and disconnect the power cable then you must reinstall the battery, plug the power cord back in and restart your laptop.

After following these simple 6 steps to eliminate your Toshiba laptop problems you should be able to boot up as normal, if this is not the case then you may have an underlying hardware problem but do not go rushing out to have it repaired as you can still do this repair your self with a good laptop repair guide for your Toshiba laptop problems.

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