Samsung NP RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511, R530, R519 Laptop Screen Replacement Repair brings you replacement instruction and how to dismantle and fix the lcd led screen display panel on Samsung NP RV510, RV511, S3510, S3511, R530, R519 laptops. Use this instruction if the screen monitor is cracked, flickering or have lines on it. This instruction can be used to fix Samsung RV510-A04UK, NP-RV510-A09UK, NP-RV511-A07UK, NP-RV511-A06UK, NP-R530-JA08UK, NP-R530-JB01UK, NP-R530-JA02UK, NP-R530-JA04UK, NP-R530-JA08UK, NP-S3510-A01UK, NP-S3511-S01, NP-R519-JAE1UK and others. The screen that fits the Samsung series mentioned here is the B156WX02 made by AU Optronics, LTN156AT05 Made by Samsung or LP156WH2 made by LG Philips. You can find all this computer screens available at




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