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The name Asus Eee PC is almost synonymous with netbook. Yet there are other brands in the market that capture the interest of consumers, especially if they already have a favored brand in laptop computers. Toshiba is one of them. Is there difference between Asus vs Toshiba netbooks?

When you look at the specs of netbooks, they tend to be extremely close to each other in terms of memory, CPU chip set, hard drive size, and screen resolution. It is usually in the more exterior aspects of the netbook computers that you will find differences: keyboard, battery life, total weight, glossy exterior or matte, glossy screen or matte screen, how many USB ports and their ease of access, and the kind of wireless connectivity offered. Within each brand, models even differ in the end user experience. So why would it matter what brand you choose?

A large name brand like Toshiba has a lot of reputation to keep when entering a new market such as the netbook sales. In order to keep up their brand image, they have tended to put together netbooks with slightly higher quality build including some of the top consumer ranked keyboards. Usually, you might think that such a large brand would dwarf a newcomer to the computing niche.

In this case, however, Asus was a ground breaker in netbooks, and they continue to take the lead in certain areas such as battery life. The Asus Eee PC 1005PE is rated for battery time of 14 hours. Consumers continue to give pleased reviews of the Asus Eee PC experience. This brand is a major player in the netbook niche, and is not to be ignored.

What really matters is that you purchase a netbook computer that suits your needs in particular. If you don’t need 14 hours of battery time, but you do need a full size keyboard, that should be your main consideration, not whether it’s an Asus or a Toshiba machine.

Both the Asus and Toshiba netbook computers have their particular pluses and minuses. Define what it is you want from your netbook computer experience, and this will define the model you want far more than the brand name.


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