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Workers who travel often are seeking a lightweight, robust laptops that weighs five pounds or less. Consumers enjoy wide screens of 14 inches or more. Many of the advanced laptops have touch screen displays to add to the ease of use of the laptop. The displays may rotate with the help of accelerometers and gyros. Some laptops may be opened flat to be used as a tablet. Most inexpensive laptops weigh slightly more than more expensive and technologically advanced laptops.

Depending upon the consumers budget, there are numerous options available for laptops for consumers. Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Asus, Mac, Sony and Panasonic all offer several laptops with sleek and slim footprints for an affordable price. The technology is geared towards a particular type of consumer. Therefore, users must decide their primary use for the computer before purchasing the device.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad

Lenovo’s ThinkPad has won numerous awards, including the Editors’ Choice Award for the best performing laptop. The laptop strikes a delicate balance between portability and performance to provide the user with an optimal device for business. The Lenovo ThinkPad is robust, feels solid and sturdy to the touch. Lenovo ThinkPad is recommended for travel and numerous graphic intensive applications.

The basic model contains a 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo SP9400 processor. A 120 GB hard drive also and 2 GB memory is also available on the base model. The computer has a matte screen which is preferred by most business users in offices with fluorescent lighting. Glossy screens are recommended for viewing movies and games with intensive graphics stimulation. The laptop also features high quality speakers and webcam for video conferencing and VOIP calls.

HP Envy 13

This laptop is extremely lightweight, powerful and robust. At 3.7 pounds, users may easily transport this device anywhere. The laptop is complete with 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The consumer may also take advantage of 3 GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard drive. The laptop has a 13.1 inch display which is great for viewing streaming video and graphic intensive gaming applications.


This laptop weighs in at 4.8 pounds and offers consumers good performance at a reasonable price. The computer operates with Windows 7 Home Premium and possesses a 320 GB hard drive. The computer possesses 4 GB of RAM and 1.3 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300. The computer also ships to the customer with a DVD player.

Sony SR Series

This laptop is both portable and affordable. This laptop is recommended for business professionals, students and home users. The laptop has a 13.3 inch LED display and a Blu-ray disc drive. The 2.10 GHz Intel Pentium Processor offers consumers fast processing speeds for applications and browsing. A 250 GB SATA hard drive and 2 GB of memory also come standard. The memory may be upgraded to 8 GB of RAM and Intel Core 2 Duo processors.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is the lightest laptop in the market. The laptop weighs 2.3 pounds and has an ultra-thin profile. The lithium polymer battery offers consumers five hours of battery life. The device is known for its reliability and fast processing speeds. The processor is 1.4 GHz and the memory may be expanded up to 4 GB. Consumers will enjoy an 11.6 inch screen. This makes it easy to view applications, movies and games.


This small and lightweight notebook weighs 2.7 pounds. The advanced electronics fit snugly in small footprint. The advanced Intel Core 2 Duo processor allows the computer to connect to the Internet and browse with little or no lag time. The battery life is standard, but is adequate to allow business users to perform their jobs while on the road. This device is affordable, but in the mid-tier range.

Panasonic Toughbook

The 10.4 inch is robust enough to withstand most of life’s events. The shock absorbers, on the exterior, cushion accidental falls and bumps during the day. The computer weighs 990 grams and has a long battery life of six full hours. The computer adds maximum flexibility for consumers that operate their business in a mobile environment.


Each laptop has something different to offer consumers living in a mobile work environment. Some of the laptops are more affordable. Others aim to provide the most advanced technology in the smallest package regardless of the price. Depending on the user’s budget and intended use, consumers may find a variety of laptops offered in their price range.

Consumers may use the laptops for business or pleasure. Some of the laptops have advanced graphics cards that make viewing movies and gaming incredible to watch. Other laptops are geared towards business applications. Lenovo is one of the best laptops for business in its class. This computer also handles graphics well. Some computers are good for all-around use and are not geared towards any one particular group or community.

The most lightweight device on the market is the MacBook Air. This device was made to push the envelope in terms of design. The device is so thin the battery is not removable by the consumer. But the design is perfect for someone that needs their computer on them at all times. Many experts do not review the MacBook Air in the same class as the other laptops because of its incredible dimensions. Many features were eliminated to conserve space for the weight-conscious traveler.

The most appealing aspect of these laptops is their ability to fit comfortably in a large, trendy handbag, a mini-bag or in a briefcase. Most of these devices meet these criteria and some exceed these criteria. These devices are recommended for mobile workers.

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