Apple MacBook Pro MB134LL-A 15.4 Inch Laptop – A Review


I found the Apple MacBook Pro MB134LL/A 15.4″ laptop performing heads and shoulders above its competitors, like a Ferrari amongst other cars. As the name suggests this model is built for professionals and cost around $700 more than the average entry-level laptop. The powerful Apple MacBook Pro MB134LL/A laptop is ideal for those who want to create, manipulate and work with video. It has a video accelerator card with its own on-board memory (as opposed to shared memory) that permits for smooth video editing.

The Apple MacBook Pro MB134LL/A 15.4″ laptop runs on the Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system. Other applications include a safari web browser and Life ’08 application that is used for photo, video and sound editing. This is a top of the shelf video-editing suite that comes free with this laptop model.

This MacBook model has a powerful 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor that allows you to run the ‘heaviest’ of software without a glitch. The 2 GB of RAM also allows for multitasking and its sizable 250 GB Hard Drive would provide more than enough storage even for the most hardcore file hoarders. The new design of this laptop model is in my opinion, one of its biggest selling factors. The keyboard looks great and is comfortable to use. There is also the back-lighting feature that just adds points to its ‘coolness’ factor. The portion for resting the wrist is substantial and is designed for comfort during extended use. The ergonomics’ is excellent and the look is sleek.


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